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"Only if you keep on going you'll be able to reach the final destination of your journey"  (proverb from Zimbabwe)
We've set out the most important informations about Ruanda and East-Congo as ...

... entry requirements and much more on the following pages.

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Nearby the mountain gorillas. Following the footsteps of the silver-backs.
A visit to a mountain gorilla family is a life changing experience. The silverback’s powerful yet calm presence, the tenderness and care that mothers show their young who spend most of their time playing, all this fascinates our visitors time and again. By visiting these gentle giants you support the conservation of their living space and the protection of the mountain gorillas.
For further details about this tour click here.

Vulcano's calling

The trek to an active vulcano is a very special experience. Feeling the power of nature closer than ever. The climb to the summit rim, a night at the crater rim directly above the lava lake –  this is an adventure you can talk about even years after.

All details about the Vulcano tour here.

Elephants, Giraffes & Co.

It would be nearly impossible to visit Africa without visiting a national park. It is a very impressive experience to watch and see at close range these impressive wild animals in the bush and the savanna, their native surrounding. You be will able telling a lot of stories about this once back home.
More about national park trekking  here.


... is also called the land of 1000 hills. The capital of this landlocked  east-african country is Kigali.
           More informations about the people and the country, geography, climate  - click here!

Democratic Republic of Congo ...

... is the 2nd largest country of Africa. More informations about the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo,
about the people and the country, geography and climate here!

Travelling is adventure.

We'll do our best to make your trip an unforgettable life time adventure!
Our tours in the Original Landrover are adapted to our customers wishes individually.
Nyani Tours

For further informations about visa, entry formalities  and more click  here.

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